Auditory Processing Disorder in the United Kingdom

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What is Auditory Processing Disorder ?

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is the INVISIBLE Disability, which randomly prevents the sufferers from processing auditory (sound and including verbal) information.

APD is not a hearing impairment, as many APDs have perfect (A1) hearing, but the inability to process what is heard.

When APD's have a processing failure, they do not process what is being said to them. They may be able to repeat the words back word for word, but the meaning of the message is lost, not processed.
Simply repeating the instruction is of no use if an APD is not processing. Neither will increasing the volume help.

APD's have an Auditory Processing Disorder, and text is only  the visual code of human auditory communication, and so the Auditory Processing Disorder can be extended into reading and writing as this Auditory code.  
As a result APD has been recognised as one of the major causes of Developmental Dyslexia. Not all who have APD however are dyslexic

There can also many other hidden implications, which are not always apparent even to the sufferer.

In many instances APD comes as part of an Invisible Disability package, and in some instances the other disability may mask the APD. This multiple disability scenario indicates that a transdiscipline approach to research, diagnosis, and treatment is of the utmost importance.
Especially as APD can mimic many of the other Invisible Disabilities.

APD is a way of life not just a disability.

What is APDUK trying to achieve ?

APDUK is trying to promote an increased understanding of APD in the UK by both the professional establishment, especially in the fields of education and employment, and the general public.

APDUK is trying to provide help and support for all who are APD sufferers or are related to an APD sufferer.

As part of our campaign we have created this web site to provide links to the best information on the Internet.
We have also created some of helpful guides based on our own observations of APD.

Initially our prime concerns are for young APD's who are currently in the education system. Recognition of APD in the world of education will hopefully help in our attempt to gain recognition in the adult world especially in the sphere of employment, and public agencies.

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